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Whats the deal with Black Friday

Whats the deal with Black Friday

Thursday, 15 November 2018

We have all heard of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and I am sure many of us wait excitedly to see what special deals we can get in time for Christmas – but what is this all about?

Well, the story behind the name ‘Black Friday’ varies depending on where you look. We know that in 1869, two ruthless Wall Street financiers worked together to buy as much gold as they could in the hope they would drive up prices and sell at a massive profit – this caused the stock market to crash and was referred to as ‘Black Friday’.

Another source tells us that the term actually originated in Philadelphia in the 1950’s as a term used to describe the chaos that happened on the day after Thanksgiving – crowds, traffic, shoplifters – chaos ensued. 

The fairytale story for ‘Black Friday’, the story retailers tell themselves to get a good nights sleep and get rid of the negative tales, is that this marks the time of year where retailers stop operating “in the red” or at a loss and start operating “in the black” or making a profit. This is what it is – a nice fairytale. 

The term started to really be used in America in the late 1980’s and actually only became widespread in the late 2000’s to mark the start of the Christmas Shopping season (and make that Fairytale real!).

Now, what started as an American tradition has spread globally with not only retailers jumping on the bandwagon but businesses of all sorts. Not only this but Black Friday has morphed into a 4 day and sometimes whole week long shopping extravaganza. 

Blakes is getting in on the action this year with our very own Black Friday Sale which will take place between 9am – 5pm on Friday 23rd November. So to get yourself up to 30% off rooms here at the world’s first Boutique Hotel then read more here and get ready at the phone.