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All About Eve

All About Eve

Friday, 23 November 2018

January 2019 will see Wellness month coming to Blakes with healthy menus, yoga classes with Eve Latif and Sound Healing with Slavomir Latko. 

In preparation for Wellness month we have interviewed Eve to give you all a little bit of information and background on this wonderful woman. 

What is your background?

I spent 21 years in the restaurant business working mainly front of house. I moved to London 14 years ago and found that my strength was in guest relations, working at places like Sketch. But, I had a wake up call, the lifestyle got to me and I saw my limits so I decided I wanted to change path and heal people. 

That’s a brave move – is this how you got into Yoga?

Yes, I started practicing Yoga 5 years ago whilst still working in hospitality. It worked at first as I was taking what I learnt from Yoga and using these skills at work. Then at some point I realised I could never shut off, my phone was always ringing and I only felt I could escape by meditating so that’s when I committed to making the change and left hospitality. 

Tell us about your journey?

When I left my job, I started practicing Yoga daily from early morning right through to the evening. I decided to travel on my own for the first time to India. I went to the Himalaya’s, specifically Rishikesh, where I trained in Kundalini Yoga. I volunteered at an Orphanage after my Yoga training and stayed there for the remainder of my time in India. 

Tell us what you learnt – other than Yoga?

Money is not an object and you can create your own prosperity. I practiced mantras daily for prosperity and prosperity came to me. I had no money when I travelled and I managed to survive as I stopped relying on this as an object and it found its way to me. I have also learnt to listen to myself and trust my intuition. My intuition told me I needed to go back home to France as I felt my Father was unwell, a month after I got home, he was diagnosed with Cancer. 

And finally, what was your best moment?

I did a 10 day silent meditation and I heard things inside of me I never thought I would hear – I feel so much light and trust at the moment. 

I also met the Dalai Lama – what a magical moment!

If you would like to train with Eve you can do so here at Blakes throughout January with our Bliss at Blakes package