The Neighbourhood

Blakes, 33 Roland Gardens, SW7. The name and the address evoke a discrete air of privilege. Roland Gardens is a delightful and tranquil street in South Kensington. A neighbourhood where timeless style is the signature as opposed to fashion. Away from the mainstream.

Blakes occupies a beautiful corner. Amidst the classic redbrick, stucco plaster and green of this very desirable neighbourhood Blakes sits confidently. Within easy walking distance are some of London’s finest restaurants, shops and museums. We know our guests are very well informed with definite tastes. 

We are always happy, however, to share our inside knowledge of the neighbourhood with our friends. We recommend only things that we personally like. Simple. Blake can be difficult to leave. Some of our guests arrive and depart without ever leaving the hotel. This we understand. We like to know that, for our guests, stepping outside of 33 Roland Gardens has to be worth the effort.